The CD reserves the rights to adjust support levels if applications received are higher or lower than anticipated. 

For popular programs the CD may score and fund projects based on environmental benefit, site vulnerability and past participation. Funding percentages for the year have yet to be finalized but the program offering should be similar.

Program Description District Support
Abandoned Wells The district will seal abandoned wells to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination and to secure hidden dangerous areas.


$50 min. / $100 max.

Livestock Crossings Low level crossings improve animal health, reduce livestock damage to the shoreline, improve water quality, and reduce downstream siltation.

50% minimum 

Based on environmental benefit

Water Storage Projects Water storage projects include water impoundments for flood and erosion control, wildlife benefits and water use. We also construct back flood irrigation projects for hay and cropland, which increase yields. 


Gully Stabilization

The district will stabilize gullies through appropriate construction techniques. On site gully formation will be eliminated. 


Grassed Waterways Grassed waterways slow soil erosion, can provide a source of hay, reduce downstream siltation, and improve downstream water quality.


Riparian Rehabilitation UARCD will assist with the reestablishment and maintenance of riparian areas and shorelines through  bioengineering, rock armour, and other appropriate methods.


Pipeline Plow Rental The CD will offer for rent a pipeline plow for the installation of shallow water lines. These water lines are ideally suited for summer pasture water systems; especially in rotational grazing systems. We have in stock 1.5 inch HD Pipe and fittings at a reduced price.

$150/day minimum

Includes one staff person.

Pipe transport extra if needed.

Forage Seed

 The purpose is to put marginal land, and other at risk areas under permanent cover. New for this year, we will fund seed for green manure cover crops. Applications will be assessed and funding will be allocated to areas that provide the most conservation benefit. 


2019 details 

to be confirmed



Shelterbelts reduce wind speed, provide snow catch, and have wildlife benefits. Plastic and fabric mulch is also available which reduces maintenance effort during the initial shelterbelt establishment. 

2019 program will continue as a cost recovery for tree stock and weed barrier. UARCD fees will be $150/ mile field belts and 

$250/ mile yard belts.

Site prep and maintenance is 100% landowner's responsibility


Alternative Water

Watering systems provide livestock with a clean source of water increasing weight gains and improving vegetation surrounding water. This further improves water quality downstream. The district funds system and other related site costs. Apply early as this is always a popular program.


Depending on 



Remote Water System Trial

The district has two solar powered remote water systems for producers to rent. Producers will be offered a maximum 2 month rental of one of our systems at a cost of $200 per month.

$200 / month

Riparian Fencing

The district will fund a portion of fencing costs for producers to limit livestock access to natural or artificial water sources.


Depending on 



GIS Services: Aerial Photo Assessment Staff can help you assess your land using provincial and Bing colour ortho photos. We can assist with many of the mapping and measuring needs of your operation.

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Special Project

The CD board is willing to consider funding any water or soil conservation project that you may feel has merit, and will provide support determined on a case by case basis.

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Education and Demonstration Projects Programs which demonstrate new technology, seminars which discuss conservation and agriculture, and tours of innovative products remain a priority of the district.



The district also has a 42 inch plotter printer available for your large scale printing needs.

Contact the office for more information or if you have any possible projects that you feel may be of interest to your conservation district.



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