UARCD's authority lies within the board, which is comprised of ratepayers and councillors, appointed by the municipalities with land within the district. UARCD is divided into eleven Sub Districts (SD) according to watershed basins, and are the initial framework to resource planning in the district.
The Main Board of Directors is made up of the Board Chairperson, a provincial appointee and the chairpersons of each subdistrict.

 In total, over 60 members devote time to managing our resources. These people are the eyes and ears of your district please contact them or our office with any ideas or concerns. 

A conservation district board cannot expect to accomplish all its goals at once. 

Progress will be made step by step. 

Patience to await the benefits of a conservation district is a necessary virtue.


Sub District #72- Upper Oak River: 
Johnny Michasiw- Chairperson 
Leonard Sitko
Murray Solomon 
Brent Stebeleski


Sub District #73- Lower Oak River: 
Temporarily Vacant- Chairperson 
Doug Caldwell
Valerie Caldwell 
Jim Scott


Sub District # 73A- Lower Assiniboine River: 
Robert Alexander- Chairperson
Kevin Lelond 
Leonard Lelond 

Larry Logan 

Sub District #74- Minnewasta Creek: 
Rusty Still-  Chairperson 
Robert Edmundson 
Raymond Lysyshin 
Dallas Miller 
Wayne Myhill 

Mervin Presniak 


Sub District #74A- Arrow River: 
Darcy Oliver- Chairperson
Dan Shwaluk

Mervin Starzyk
Murray Swereda

Dallas Malchuk

Sub District #75- Bosshill Creek: 
Bill McQuaker-Chairperson 

Herb Manser

Brian Nolan 

Corinne Nesbitt 
Roy Potter

Terry Johnson

Rodney Pearn

Sub District # 77 Birdtail Creek: 
Ronald Kostesky- C.D.Board Chairman

Charles Bertram-Chairperson 
Alan Wilson

Laurie Davison

Mike Fulcher 

Dave Brooker 

Ron Kreshewski 
Dennis Kaskiw

Sub District #78- Snake Creek: 
Doug Turnbull-Chairperson

George Graham

Denis Fouillard 
Derek Tibbatts

Serge Chartier


Sub District #78A- Wythes/Niso Creek:

Tom Judd-Chairperson
Ben Howard

Nigel Jeanes

Mark Morton
Harry Bajus
Robin Poole 

Sub District # 78B- Qu'Appelle River: 
Guy Huberdeau-Chairperson 
Barry Lowes

Sub District # 78C- Brennand/ Scissor Creek: 
Ernest Pethick- Chairperson

Robbie Craig              

Theresa Michalchuk- Provincial Appointee


UARCD Staff Includes:

Ryan Canart....................District Manager

Janet Sandstrom..................Administrator

Olive McKean..................... Administrator

Jeff Howard...........GIS/ Resource Technician



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Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District 
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R0M 1M0 
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