The UARCD is characterized by a diverse landscape. From the Newdale Plain to the border of Riding Mountain National Park the undulating topography can vary over 200 metres. The dominant feature of the landscape is the Assiniboine River meandering gently through the area. The Assiniboine River has carved an impressive valley. At times the valley is over 75 metres deep with steep slopes. The Assiniboine River Valley represents one of the most scenic aspects of the CD, but also represents a major resource  management issue.

The surficial drainage flows generally to the southeast through a number of minor rivers and streams. Potholes are abundant in the prairie grassland region of the UARCD. The UARCD  area is over 2,200 square miles. To put size into perspective our CD is larger than the Province of Prince Edward Island!!

The UARCD can be divided into three distinct landscapes: uplands; plains; and river valleys.

The UARCD includes  the municipalities of:

RM of Ellice-Archie

Hamiota Municipality

Prairie View Municipality

Rossburn Municipality

Town of Virden

RM of Wallace-Woodworth (Major portion)

RM of Yellowhead (portion)

Our Vision: To see a landscape that is capable of supporting our environmental, economic and social well being for now and into the future.

 Our Mission: To provide leadership in resource planning, implementation of programs and promotion of conservation practices. 

Our Values: 

Living and promoting the conservation ethic for our whole environment

Water, air, soil, recycling


Adding value to agriculture through conservation

Improve profitability of agricultural endeavours  

Strengthening and empowering rural communities

Facilitate equal opportunities for rural communities

Promote the rural way of life

 Stabilize and grow the population

Act through local initiative which empowers local people in rural communities to run the district through sub-district boards and develop practical solutions from those living close to the issues

Continuous improvement of processes, programs and services  

Developing people

Appoint enthusiastic, committed representatives to the board

 Employ skilled, dedicated staff

Provide resources, support, training for both board and staff members

Foster trust, teamwork, respect and empowerment  

 Working through partnerships

Accomplish goals through partnerships at all levels

Voluntary co-operation among organizations

Offer programs which cross boundaries to address watershed issues from top to bottom

Cost sharing  

Demonstrating accountability and value for money in all initiatives

 Set service performance indicators


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Sustainable Development

Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District 
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Sustainable Development

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