Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Assiniboine Watersheds 

Watershed Planning Advisory Team

Some members of the 3 CD's  staff and board members receiving certificates of completion for IWMPs from Deputy Minister Norquay

 Watershed Plans:

>>>Link To:Arrow-Oak River IWMP(4.2 MB Download)<<<

>>>Link To: Assiniboine-Birdtail IWMP (2 MB Download))<<<

Other Documents

>>>LINK TO:Arrow-Oak Watershed Results Document<<<

>>>>LINK TO: Little Saskatchewan River Public Consultation Results<<<<

PDF Copy of Birdtail -Assiniboine State of the Watershed Summary Released November 2008 (7.5 MB)

State Of The Watershed Reports Released July 2008 

Arrow Oak Watershed (2.3 MB)

Assiniboine Birdtail Watershed (2.2 MB)

Little Saskatchewan River Watershed (7.4 MB)


Summaries of Past WPAT Meeting Presentations

Powerpoint presentations have been converted to PDFs. If you would like the original versions please send us an email request.

Date Location Presentations
December 11, 2006 Miniota Community Hall Resource Planner Presentation     CD Manager's Presentation

Meeting Summary

March 16, 2007 Shoal Lake Community Hall Resource Planner Presentation   Assiniboine Birdtail Summary

Arrow Oak Summary   Little Saskatchewan Summary

Shell River Summary

March 30, 2007 LPCD Office, Inglis Intergovernmental Affairs Presentation   Water Stewardship Presentation
April 16, 2007 Minnedosa Ukrainian Hall Water Resources Overview  The Watershed Community Presentation

RMNP Wildlife Health  Manitoba Geological Presentation  

PFRA Land Use and Agricultural Activities

April 30, 2007 Miniota Community Hall

Crown Lands and Wildlife Presentation  Crown Lands and Wildlife Speaker  Notes

Data Centre: Species At Risk  Wetlands  (5MB)

Habitat Monitoring  Riparian Habitats

June 4, 2007 Shoal Lake Community Hall
June 18, 2007 LPCD Office, Inglis Broughton's Creek Presentation 
 Oct. 18th,2007 Minnedosa Ukrainian Hall

Large Dam Presentation  Water Use License Presentation

Water Use Allocation Presentation  PFRA Drought Planning

Shellmouth Reservoir  Saskatchewan River Basin

 Oct. 30th,2007 Miniota Community Hall

Groundwater (2MB file)    Drinking Water Supply

Environmental Operations  Source Water Protection

November 23rd, 2007 Shoal Lake Community Hall Drainage In Manitoba  Shoal Lake Water Quality Report  Louisiana Pacific (Unavailable)

Shell River Assessment 2002  Sandy Lake Study  Water Quality/Broughton's Creek

With the exception of the first WPAT meeting, DVD copies of the meetings are available from the UARCD office or directly from SAMTRONICS VIDEO SERVICE in Birtle. Contact Ron or Brenda at 204-842-5342 or by email at

  Maps and Reference Documents  

IWMP Terms of Reference

IWMP-Full Page Newspaper Document The Water Cycle 

Acronym Dictionary Overview of Products and Players

Assiniboine Birdtail Memorandum of Understanding

Arrow Oak Memorandum of Understanding




IWMP General Area Map.

Map of Shell River Watershed (05MD)

Map of Assiniboine-Birdtail River   Watershed (05ME)


Map of Arrow-Oak River Watershed (05MG)

Map of Little Saskatchewan River  Watershed (05MF)

You may need to download Adobe Reader to view the linked maps and documents, and some files may take some time to download on dial up. If you would like hard copies or another delivery method please call your local CD office.

Lake of The Prairies 204-564-2388

Little Saskatchewan River 204-566-2270

Upper Assiniboine River 204-567-3554




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