This page contains photos from the district be it projects or just an interesting shot. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo.

Older Pictures

fefchak1.jpg (34645 bytes)

Fefchak/Waller Well

kinnairdwell.jpg (32217 bytes)

Kinnaird Well

carter.jpg (37824 bytes)

Carter Well

reiddam.jpg (21970 bytes)

Reid Dam

Dust Storm 5.jpg (25311 bytes)

2002 Dust Storm

Dieters Wells.jpg (57925 bytes)

Dieter's Tractor in Old Well

armitagebefore.jpg (41638 bytes)

Armitage Gully


LindDamrepair.jpg (34036 bytes)

Lindenbach Dam


littleforksbefore.jpg (39002 bytes)

Little Forks Bank Stabilization Before

littleforksafter.jpg (41016 bytes)

Little Forks After

birtlepark.jpg (40865 bytes)

Birtle Park Bank Stabilization

HoopersCamp.jpg (68469 bytes)

Hooper's Lake Campsite

Hoopers Beach.jpg (45445 bytes)

Hooper's Lake Beach

Dandridge Dam.jpg (82466 bytes)

Dandridge Dam

livetsky shale trap.jpg (49668 bytes)

Livetsky Shale Trap At Work

crossing.jpg (76926 bytes)

Livestock Crossing

bosshillfull.jpg (25872 bytes)

Bosshill Creek Full 2004

luhowyfloat.jpg (22025 bytes)

Float Pump at Luhowy's 2003

bertramdam.jpg (37959 bytes)

Bertram dam 2004

lindenbach2004.jpg (26667 bytes)

Lindenbach Dam 2004

greaves1.jpg (22189 bytes)

Greaves Backflood

GREAVES04.jpg (24732 bytes)

Greaves Backflood 2004

terryjohnsonwell.jpg (33770 bytes)

T. Johnson Well

peeldam.jpg (42201 bytes)

Peel Dam 2004

grandopening.jpg (81925 bytes)

Grand Opening 1996

NisoAssiniboine.jpg (46229 bytes)

Niso Creek 

fulton.jpg (71186 bytes)

Old Well Needing Attention

wetland.jpg (35278 bytes)






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