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Winter Is (Still)Upon Us!! 

Busy season sourcing project ideas for next year,  and working with external partners to help us make them happen. If you have project ideas please check out our Programs Page  ,talk to a local Subdistrict Representative, give the office a call or send us an email.



Manitoba Hydro's Forest Enhancement Program Awards our District Funding For Two Sites


The UARCD is pleased to announce that we have received funding for two tree planting projects within our district for 2014. The sites are located at: St Lazare Cemetery and Virden's Goulter School. 


Applications are accepted each year from July 1 to November 1.  We have been successful partnering with Manitoba Hydro for many years, so if you have an idea and would like the CD to help, give us a call at the office. You can't get the funding if you don't ask or bring a project forward!

Two grants from External Partners Wrapped up our Tree Planting Season

A strong beginning and end wrapped up a record year for shelterbelt planting in the Assiniboine River Watershed.  In late September the Conservation District completed it’s last two community plantings of the year, one a shelter belt to protect the newly constructed Birtle’s municipal shop just south of town, with help from the Birtle High school nearly 250 potted trees were planted.  A combination of hardy native shrubs, fast growing poplar and stout evergreens were incorporated into a two row belt to strategically trap snow and reduce annual energy costs for the building.  The tree stock was purchased with funding from Canon Canada’s “Take Root Program” delivered by Evergreen.  

Birtle Collegiate Students At RM of Birtle Maintenance Shed  


The finished product RM of Birtle Site   

    Another community planting was completed days later in the Village of St.Lazare.  This time funding was secured through CN’s  “EcoConnections From the Ground Up Program” administered by Tree Canada. Again we engaged the youth in the community to come out learn about the benefits of trees planting in the watershed context, we planted a shrub row to trap snow and deflect winds as we’ll as a evergreen row to mature and provide long-term protection of the site.


Students From Ecole St. Lazare helping with planting.

In both projects the municipalities supplied equipment and time to prepare the sites. Conservation staff found funding and wrote grants, completed design and supported planting.

 Both sites will add value to our communities in a host of ways, from direct cost savings to municipalities, and beautifying the landscape too providing habitat and snow management functions. Private sector funding to support community tree planting efforts seems to remain stable and target publicly owned properties or locations 

 2013 may well go down as a record for the most trees planted in the Conservation District in any one year.  With the cancellation of the Prairie Shelterbelt Program, there was increased demand this past spring. We planted over 38 miles of shelterbelts  as well as helped in over 6  community plantings ranging from Miniota to Rossburn. The shelterbelt centre will be sorely missed by some and efforts are being made to entertain it’s revival.  In it’s absence the district will still provide planting services but tree stock will have to be purchased from a private nursery.


   Delegates:Roland Blouin (Municipal forman) Richard Fouillard (Ellice CAO) Ken Fosty (tree Canada Rep)  Guy Huberdeau ( reeve of Ellice)  Frank Hamilton (councilor)  Ryan Canart (UARCD) Bob Sopuck (MP) Mal Mauthe (track supervisor CN)

  Construction for the Season and other Projects

We have been working hard to get all of our fall water retention projects done. We have completed new construction at 4 sites. We are finally getting a to do list where sites have been identified, surveyed, licensed and ready to go if funding permits and the environmental benefits are there. We are always looking for new water retention ideas, so if you have an idea please give us a call. 

CD staff has worked hard to complete 6 erosion control projects of different sizes. Locations were from our headwaters near RMNP to the bottom end of our district near the Assiniboine River in the RM of Woodworth. 

Surveying for the year has included to date 20 different sites for our projects, municipal  surveys throughout the district and beyond at several sites where we have been contracted by other organizations.

Sixteen abandoned wells have been sealed and 6 more are going to get done early this spring.

A shale trap was completed late this fall and two other rip rap shoreline projects are also pending funding and require access over frozen waters.


2014 Annual Banquet Held in McAuley Manitoba

March 26, 2014 saw the UARCD host our annual banquet. This year McAuley was the location for our evening of visiting with our partners, friends and stakeholders . Special thanks to the RM of Archie for welcoming us into their community for the evening, to Bob Sandford who extended his day to speak to us, to our gracious prize donors and to all who were able to attend. 

Healthy disscussion.

Roast beef and all the trimmings.

Guest speaker Robert Sandford.

UARCD would like to announce and thank ESRI Canada for accepting our application for charitable use of their software, Arc GIS Advanced Desktop with all extensions. This program is used daily to assist our staff and board plan and make decisions on projects and programs and is valued at over $50,000. Thanks again. >>>><<<<

Assiniboine Riparian Forest: Come on Down For A Look: Arrange a Tour or Presentation For Your Class, Group or Organization!!

"Each town should have a park, or rather a primitive forest, 

of five hundred or a thousand acres, where a stick should never be cut for fuel, 

a common possession forever, for instruction and recreation........."


---Henry David Thoreau 15th October 1859






Stop by our office at Miniota to apply for our 2014 programs or give us a call with any conservation project ideas you have. 




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